Sod off, world. It’s easy to die. I just wish my body would stop failing. 

But like any business, there is a method. I feed it and it fuels my existence. I nurture it and it gets better at being effective. I give it wine and it makes my soul sing  (sorry). I train at the gym and I use a third less insulin and the pain occasionally recedes. 

I’ve got nothing for the staph infection but nor do a multitude of medicos.

So – a business. Any business. It needs input – cash, at a very basic level – and expertise. Winemaking. Packaging. Channel to market. Marketing. All of these can be exponentially expensive for a small business trying to scrape itself off the bottom level. 

Have a clear directive. Have a brand identity if no actual label. A concept. A why-me moment. Go to bottleshops. Bars. Will what you do stack up or stand out? For style or packaging or price point?

Style? Look to how Brown Brothers fostered and developed King Valley prosecco as a key part of the wine market. Packaging – can’t go past Some Young Punks for rewriting the game and tapping into the zeitgeist at a key point: that is, before everyone else. To nowadays whereupon it is now kinda trite and done and occasionally obsolete. Price point? Yellow sparkling. Oyster Bay. Yalumba Y. Yalumba anything, as they manage to (mostly) tread that fine line betwixt broad commercial appeal, retail punch and on-prem lead. 

So: identify the general market. Work the brand and identity to appeal. Trade in authenticity. Have a link between grapes and bottles. 


Now what?

Have a voice. A clear voice. Driving the brand. An idea of where you want to be and how to get there. Because changing the game plan too early on leaves buyers with a distinct lack of confidence. People – buyers, somms, punters, restaurant managers – all want to believe in you. Give them a reason to do so. Give them a story which is credible. And true. In THAT order. 

And good vino for the money. Try the competition. Know what you are up against and how to better them. Be effective. Know your costs.

And know how to drive the sales to market.

Know this before you start looking at vineyards. At fruit.

If you want to understand the channel to market? Understand it forwards and backwards. Know the numbers. And understand what value you deliver and where you might sit on a shelf. 

Should anyone buy your wine….