Hello 2017

It is easy to look back on a year like 2016 and lament only the poor decisions made – ahem, UK and USA – and the lives lost. See only the bad and seem to forget that there have been awesome parts as well. 

Good people. Doing good things. Work going well. Achievements made, goals reached. 

In my personal world, the health bit went phenomenally pear-shaped, and I’d really like to find someone to eradicate the blood infection doing its level best to destroy me. Extreme options WILL be considered. Go nuts, world. Suggest away. I have people in my world who have lent a degree of support and strength for which I can never express enough thanks. I promise to not do it again. As much as I can. I’m going with no calls to ambulances in the next twelve months. Hopefully. I have so much gratitude to those around me and to the smart, searingly honest voices around me. And some of it is not great, but there are doors closing and opening apace. 

On a side note, many thanks to the friends who helped and the ambos who are always awesome. Always.

Many thanks to the customers who understood when I couldn’t quite make an appointment. The ones who helped when they didn’t need to do so. The venues who took the time with me to understand my brands, my wines and my people. 

And yet. Yet 2016 delivered in SPADES on my capacity for disappointment in community and world growth. I enter 2017 hoping that this abandonment of basic humanity doesn’t take over… This year? NOT. BEING. QUIET. 

The fact that the sheer fury and disappointment at the world’s rampant inanity is a stimulus to do better in 2017. To stand tall and be better. To speak for our beliefs and for those without voices. 

But 2016 was not just a melange of the middling to awful. And occasionally we need to push away the vile to search for the better. 

Working with awesome peoples. Learning stuff. Not screwing up the health thing too much. Getting better at who we are. If you can look back on your year and see no improvement here then maybe you need to make changes. 

This is an opportunity. As each year is. We think about diet and exercise when there are bigger issues. Start big. It filters down.

Be better.

Hello 2017.


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