Show me the money

If I told you your favourite restaurant/bar/hotel was in the habit of not paying bills, would you stop going there?

Wineries in particular are pretty generous with their payment terms. But those who don’t pay or who draw it out damage the winery, the staff, the potential for the quality of next year’s vintage. It’s simple: buy the wine. Pay for the wine.

I have a list. As does any decent wine rep. A blacklist. I don’t dine in these places. I don’t send them custom. I don’t go to events organised by others showcasing these venues.

It’s a small thing. It likely won’t hurt them that I don’t go there. But there are basics: it is not a sale until you get paid.  Not being paid hurts wineries, and affects reps. It damages relationships and simply disappoints.

Venues I frequent? Are good. Good people who pay bills. I don’t care about the media profile or popularity, the ones who can pay for media events but not pay their bills.

There is a line. Not paying bills, never intending to pay bills? Borders on fraudulent behaviour. If only I could publish a list. But I cannot. Legally.

I support good venues. I balk at bringing honour into the equation but here it is: do you really want to support a venue which screws suppliers? Or one which supports suppliers, pays their bills and understands that not paying is not even option.

If you knew a venue was deliberately screwing their suppliers, would you continue to give them YOUR custom?