Rampant stupidity – an open letter to News Ltd

**Amended – name was on the item published. Rowena – you should be ashamed.

Well, at least the scribe of this bit of News Ltd ineptitude had the decency to not put their name to it: www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/tourism-australias-new-campaign-focuses-on-food-but-is-what-we-have-to-offer-really-that-great/story-e6frfq80-1226909735906

Are you kidding me? How ludicrous can you possibly get, News? I know your political bias, and your clickbait ‘articles’ are the only reason you are in business, but this is petulant, demeaning, inept, and plain wrong.

OK. The basics:

1. It is Tourism Australia’s job to promote the best of this country to draw people here. People who spend. People who talk about the experience, and send other people here. Who then spend. You know. Injecting money into the economy.

2. We are talking about the best of the best here. Not daily snacks. Or bogan throwbacks. Or carnival food.

3. Have you actually been outside? Into the Australia of 2014? One of the great beauties of this country is its multicultural mishmash, and the awesome array of locally produced foods. Readily available. All around the country. I have no idea where you people at News live, but might I suggest you leave the cave and have a look at the world? And maybe write something which could approach relevance.

Why are you actively choosing to use a national medium – and the online version, which of course is accessible anywhere – to denigrate the Australian culture, heritage, and aspiration? We have globally acknowledged chefs – probably feted at other times (should they get their mugs on the telly) on your populist site – and extremely high quality produce. The scenes set by many of our restaurants are incredible, and worthy of the ‘experience’ factor people search out on holiday. Or even in their daily lives, in their own towns. Some of it is pricey, sure. Some of it is not. Some of it even lies in between. Fancy that. A range of cuisines, at a range of prices. Amazing.

Why are you undermining the pride we have in our producers, our businesses, and our talent? Why are you actively attacking this plan to promote some of our uniquely Australian brilliance to the world?

And, finally, why are you attacking foods that people – seemingly – eat regularly? Why attack both the high end, quality producers, and the snack bar foods at the same time? Who exactly are you going in to bat for here? What is the point of the story? That we HATE food in all its forms here in Australia? Please don’t come here – we don’t want your tourism dollars, and your accolades.

The entire piece is ridiculous. Were I associated with Tourism Australia, we would be assessing any advertising spend immediately. Or is this why the piece exists? Because TA has chosen to not align itself with this ‘media’ business, and to spend its money elsewhere?

Thank you. For being mean-spirited, on top of the rampant stupidity. Also: please hire a sub-editor. Your platform, and this piece, are riddled with grammatical errors.

You could at least try to get the basics right.


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