All hail the Queen

Today is a sad day. A sadness diminished not at all by the fact that it was some time coming.

A lady known to the wine world and the Twitterverse as the Queen of Chardonnay left us today. Known as a lover of tennis as much as being a lover of all things chardonnay, and for being the other half of a man much respected and adored in the wine world.

I am exceedingly sorry I did not make it to their piece of the world before the QoC left us. Discussions via twitter and email were edifying and engaging.

So, just for tonight, we are asking that you raise a glass of chardonnay in honour of a lovely lady. Blanc de blanc. Burgundy. Chablis. Chardonnay.

Remember the people around us who raise us up and make us better. Remember to keep them front and foremost. Remember to tell our people we love them more often – it will never go astray.

Remember that we might lose the people, but we never lose what they made us. And sometimes that will help. And sometimes it won’t.

And know we are here. We might be on the other side of the world, or just up the road, but we are all right here.

To the Queen of Chardonnay, her bereft gentleman, and the losses we each bear: a toast tonight, with love.


3 comments on “All hail the Queen

  1. Elissa says:

    Thank you for being able to express so eloquently what I’m feeling. A beautiful note and a beautiful sentiment. Thank you.

  2. sue Jarvie Muller says:

    So lovely to read this very special comment, David will love it.

  3. Max Marden says:

    Avery special comment that I am sure will bring some comfort to David.

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